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(Herbal medicine is amazing!)

Chinese medicine is one of the most highly developed, long standing traditions in the world. At Smijin Tinctures, we combine ancient compositions of ingredients and use modern extraction techniques to create pure and potent tinctures. We have created balanced formulas that remain true to ancient tradition, using the medicinal properties from plants and herbs as nature intended.

After years of using these tinctures in our clinical practice, we recognized the remarkable benefits our medicine can provide for daily and acute wellness. We are so excited to finally offer our life enhancing tinctures directly to your door.

We are family owned and operated and treat our customers as an extension of our family. Giving back is built into our vision. Being the example we want to see in the world guides our choices.

Meet Ann

Raised in Northern Indiana, Ann grew up hearing stories of her great grandfather, who permeated the region with the finest peppermint, making him one of the biggest cultivators and producers in the industry, earning his nickname, “The Peppermint King.”

Inspired by these stories, Ann went on to study Chinese medicine at the renowned Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, completing her studies in 2004.

Over the years, Ann has traveled the world studying plant medicine; learning, growing, identifying, sourcing, and formulating herbs to bring the most authentic, premium product to your doorstep.

Now a loving wife and mother, rooted in Oregon, her passion for herbalism only continues to grow. Smijin is a reflection of how Ann lives her own life. With the fusion of clinical data, reverence for the environment and centuries old wisdom packed into each tincture, she hopes to share this magic with the rest of the world.

Meet Clark

Growing up surrounded by green-thumbed gardeners in Indiana, Clark has had his hands in the dirt for most of his life. When he stumbled upon Chinese medicine at the age of 24, it had become clear that he had discovered his niche. Drawn to the idea of balance that is central to Chinese traditions, he believes that like any other ecosystem, a healthy human is one who achieves and maintains balance.

Attracted to the Pacific Northwest for its nature, Clark laid his roots in southern Oregon. Enamored by its lush forests, magnificent mountains and all of the biodiversity that they foster, it was the perfect place to build a life with his wife and daughter.

When he’s not foraging in it’s forests, he can be found enjoying other outdoor activities such as surfing, skiing and rafting. He is also an avid meditator and guide, helping people find the peaceful stillness that connects mind, body and spirit.

Husband to Ann, he too believes that Chinese herbalism is something that should be shared with not just their friends and family, but the rest of the world. Join them on this journey to balance and overall wellness with the power of Smijin.