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Drops of Release

Drops of Release

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Formulated to soften and move tension and irritability. 
Relieving symptoms of irritability, PMS, tension headaches, anxiety, stress, and abdomen tension. This formula moves stuck energy and releases the feeling of being wound too tightly, made with organic herbs, alcohol free, gluten free, and vegan.

-Chai Hu(Bupleurum Root): is a unique herb that moves the energy of the liver and helps to release tension that is lodged between the surface and the interior of the body.
-Dang Gui (Angelica Root): Nourishes and moves the blood.
-Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes Root): Tonifies the energy(Qi) of digestion, and drains dampness that hinders digestion.
-Ju Hua (Crysanthemum Flower): Clears heat from the liver, helps with headaches, redness in the eyes, and irritability.
-Jiang Huang (Tumeric Root): Moves the blood and helps reduce inflammation.
-Dan Shen (Red Salvia Root): Moves the blood, calms the heart and soothes the spirit.
-He Huan Hua (Albizzia Flower): Lifts the mood and helps alleviate depression.
-Chen Pi (Citris Peel): Moves stagnant energy in the digestion and dries dampness in the digestive system.
-Mai Men Dong(Ophiopogon): moistens and softens nervous tension.

Dosing: 2-3 droppers full, 2x per day OR as needed for tension  

Chai hu (Bupleurum root), Dang gui (Angelica), Bai zhu (Atractylodes) are all part of the classic chinese formula “the free and easy wanderer.”  They move and tonify the energy and blood, which helps soften tension and irritability.  Ju hua (Chrysanthemum) assists in moving the liver, and clearing heat to help with headaches, red eyes and irritability.  Jiang huang (Tumeric) is a potent antiinflammatory.  Dan shen (Salvia) moves the blood, calms the heart and soothes the spirit.  He huan hua(Mimosa) gently lifts the mood and helps with depression. Chen pi (Citris peel) moves stagnant energy in the digestion. Mai Men Dong(Ophiopogon) moistens and softens tension.
Together these herbs soften and release tension in the muscles, tendons and nerves to relieve irritability, headaches, red eyes, and tension related nausea. 

All our formulas are created using a multi-step process.  First, the herbs are extracted in alcohol to harness the maximum medicinal potency of the plants. Then the alcohol is reduced by evaporation to less the .5% by volume which = alcohol free. The final extract is then preserved in eco-friendly glycerin and apple cider vinegar.  This extraction process ensures that we are delivering the best tasting, most potent medicinal tincture possible.  Each formula also has the added health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

As herbalist and practitioners of Chinese medicine special attention has been given to the balancing properties of the individual herbs within our formula….so that this is safe to take daily and as part of your longterm wellness plan.

Healthy for you and the planet, a win-win!

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